Guinea Pigs should be fed unlimited timothy hay after 6 months of age (before 6 months unlimited alfalfa hay), unlimited plain pellets e.g. not with all the colourful bits, and 1 to 1 1/2 cups of vegetables per day. Green leafy vegetables high in vitamin C are the best, with fruit used more on an occasional treat basis.

Safe Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Additional Information / Instructions
Apple No seeds as they contain cyanide, higher sugar content, may cause lip sores
Apricot No pit/stone, high sugar content
Banana May cause constipation, do not feed when giving antibiotics, higher sugar content
Beet Greens High in vit. C
Blackberries Higher sugar content
Blueberries Higher sugar content
Bell Peppers/Sweet Peppers No seeds, high in vit. C
Bok Choy May be gas causing
Broccoli May be gas causing
Cabbage Small amounts, rarely, may be gas causing, high vit. C
Carrots Higher sugar content, tops edible and high vit. C, large amounts may cause liver problems
Cauliflower May be gas causing
Celery Only in very small pieces due to choking hazard from string, leaves are high in Vit. C
Cherries No pits/stones, higher sugar content
Clover Beware of pesticides
Collard Greens High Vit. C
Corn Leaves, silks and stalks are also edible, higher sugar content
Cranberries Higher sugar content
Currants Leaves are edible also, high in Vit. C, higher sugar content
Dates Higher sugar content
Dandelion Leaves, stem, flower and root edible, high in Vit. C, beware of pesticides
Figs Higher sugar content
Grapefruit Higher sugar content, high in Vit. C
Grass Avoid ornamental grass
Green Beans
Kiwi Higher sugar content
Lemon/Lime High Vit. C, may cause mouth sores, best if home grown
Lemon Mint
Lettuce No iceberg
Mango No pit/stone, higher sugar content
Melon Higher sugar content, high vit. C
Mustard Greens High vit. C
Nectarine Higher sugar content
Orange/Tangerine / Mandarin High Vit. C, higher sugar content, may cause mouth sores
Parsley High vit. C
Passion Fruit Higher sugar content
Peach No pit/stone, higher sugar content
Peas Higher sugar content , pod also edible
Pear Higher sugar content
Plum No pit/stone, higher sugar content
Raspberries Leaves are edible, higher sugar content, high vit. C
Spinach Has been linked to kidney and bladder stones
Strawberries Higher sugar content, high vit. C
Sweet Potato
Swiss Chard/Red Chard High vit. C
Tomatoes No leaves and stalk, high vit. C, may cause lip sores
Turnip/Turnip Greens
Water Cress

Other Treats That Are Safe

Additional Information / Instructions

Never feed a guinea pig anything containing onion, garlic, chocolate, nuts or excess salt or sugar. If you are unsure if something is safe, do not feed it.

A big Thank You to Jenna of Critterscoop as most of the information on this page was collected during her research for a safe food list.

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