Degus cannot break down sugar the way other rodents can and can develop diabetes very quickly from having sugar in their diets. The best way to prevent this is not to feed ANY sugar, this includes fruit. High fat should also be avoided as becoming overweight can cause diabetes also. There are mixes for Degus becoming available, however some of these have corn in them, which is a sweet vegetable, and would need to be removed. Chinchilla pellets or guinea pig pellets, without molasses, work well as a staple food for Degus. Degus also require access to meadow or timothy hay at all times.

Safe Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Additional Information / Instructions
Broccoli May be gas causing
Cauliflower May be gas causing
Celery Only in very small pieces due to choking hazard from string, leaves are high in Vit. C
Grass Avoid ornamental grass
Lettuce No iceberg
Mustard Greens High vit. C
Parsley High vit. C

Other Treats That Are Safe

Additional Information / Instructions
Cereal Beware of high sugar contents
Crackers Unsalted only
Dog Biscuits No charcoal (black)
Nuts A very occasional treat due to high fat content
Pumpkin Seeds A very occasional treat due to high fat content

Never feed a degu anything containing onion, garlic, chocolate, or excess salt or sugar. If you are unsure if something is safe, do not feed it.

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