Gerbils should be fed a gerbil mix or lab blocks as their main diet. The following list of foods may be given as a treat. Introduce any new foods very slowly to avoid stomach upset. Fruit and vegetables may have more of an upsetting effect on your gerbils’s digestive system due to higher water content.

Safe Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Additional Information / Instructions
Apple No seeds as they contain cyanide, higher sugar content
Apricot No pit/stone, high sugar content
Banana May cause constipation, do not feed when giving antibiotics, higher sugar content
Broccoli May be gas causing
Cabbage Small amounts, rarely, too much can cause illness, may be gas causing
Carrots Higher sugar content
Cauliflower May be gas causing
Celery Only in very small pieces due to choking hazard from string
Corn Higher sugar content
Dates Higher sugar content
Grass Avoid ornamental grass
Green Beans
Kidney Beans Must be cooked only
Kiwi Higher sugar content
Lettuce Small amounts on occasion, may cause liver problems, no iceberg.
Mango No pit/stone, higher sugar content
Melon Higher sugar content
Peach No pit/stone, higher sugar content
Peas Higher sugar content
Pear Higher sugar content
Plum No pit/stone, higher sugar content
Potato Cooked only, raw is toxic
Raspberries Leaves are edible, higher sugar content
Strawberries Higher sugar content
Sweet Potato

Other Treats That Are Safe

Additional Information / Instructions
Babyfood Free of onion and garlic
Beechnuts Unsalted only, higher fat content
Brazil Nuts Unsalted only, higher fat content
Bread Can get stuck in pouches if too soft
Cereal Beware of high sugar content
Cashews Unsalted only, higher fat content
Chicken/Turkey Cooked and unseasoned
Cheese Avoid strong cheeses, higher fat content
Crackers Unsalted only
Dog Biscuits No charcoal (black)
Egg Scrambled or boiled, no seasoning
Fish Cooked and unseasoned
Hazel nuts Unsalted only, higher fat content
Pecans Unsalted only, higher fat content
Peanuts Unsalted, roasted never raw, shelled or unshelled, higher fat content
Pine Nuts Unsalted, high fat content
Pistachios Unsalted, higher fat content
Pumpkin Seeds Unseasoned, higher fat content
Tofu Packaged only, never raw
Walnuts Unsalted, shelled or unshelled, higher fat content

Never feed a gerbil anything containing onion, garlic, chocolate or excess salt or sugar. If you are unsure if something is safe, do not feed it.

A big Thank You to Jenna of Critterscoop as most of the information on this page was collected during her research for a safe food list.

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